Specimen & Medical Delivery

We specialize in the medical field and have transported all different types of specimen including but not limited to:  blood, urine, sputum, semen, rabies, necropsy, organs, tissues and hair. All of our drivers including our office staff have been certified and have taken the proper training in order to transport blood borne pathogens and specimens of all kinds. We understand and honor the importance of maintaining specimen integrity, patient confidentiality and HIPPA compliance. If the item being picked up requires special attention, our drivers can provide dry ice and/or refrigerated transportation and storage. Drivers are also fully equipped with large and small insulated bags for transport. Items will maintain their integrity from the moment they are picked up to the moment they are delivered.

We are currently under government contract with the NJ Department of Health and transport their specimens covering the whole state of NJ. We also hold a contract for the Department of Veterans Affairs in NY, OH, MO, AL and MI.  We also transport for many diagnostic labs here in the NJ/NY area.

We are not just limited to specimens though. We deliver a vast majority of medical supplies including but not limited to: breast pumps, walking aids, wound care, assistive furniture, oxygen concentrators, spirometers, stethoscopes and more. We also offer warehouse storage so that you can ship a large order of product at once that would be inventory controlled by our system in which we could deliver as needed per our clients instructions.

There really is no limit to what we can do!

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