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24/7 Enterprises, LLC can manage a wide range of aspects within any business. We provide logistics and facilities services for both Corporate and Government agencies.

Some government NAICS Codes we do business under: 484110, 488510, 491110, 492110, 492210, 493110, 541611, 541614, 561720, 561910, 722310, 811111, 811118, 812332 and many more!

By leveraging years of experience alongside personnel with specialized skill in contingent workforce management, 24/7 Enterprises can help your business to quickly establish a fully functional and effective contingent workforce management program. This management program will give you access to top talent,save your business money, improve efficiencies and plug any gaps in your contingent workforce hiring processes.

We enjoy creating meaningful jobs where employees feel valued, recognized as individuals and that their work impacts the lives of others; all while being sure to hire well qualified and professional staff.

Below are some different types of management services we currently have in place:


“No project is too small and no job is too big”, have you heard that before? Well, it is absolutely true! With experience comes knowledge and the know-how and we have what it takes to manage any project of any size. Once we know and understand the needs of our customers, we create a plan that incorporates time management techniques as well as expert knowledge of the project at hand. Every project consists of a project manager and a project general manager whose primary responsibility is to make sure every deadline is met and every need or demand is delivered on time. Trust us to get the job done and take care of the management for you.




Good management is extremely hard to find and sometimes experience alone does not cut it. When you need help running a facility you should look for someone who will treat the location as their own and incorporate their experience to create a better environment with little to no deficiencies. 24/7 Enterprises, has a great level of experience managing and controlling all operational factors. We work with a network of professionals who are experienced in specific areas within every facility and guarantee flawless performance throughout our service.


Every business operates differently and as a result management is typically done differently as well. In order to operate without interruption, companies seek our help because we understand what it takes to get the job done. We will never waste time making up excuses for ourselves or for others. We will make sure to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. Our network of knowledgeable personnel is always finding new ways to maximize profit.




24/7 Enterprises, has many years of experience providing postal management services to many companies at all different levels. From private to government sectors, all postal operations require the same level of attention and concern in order to operate a facility with many time critical operations. Everything from providing qualified personnel to receive, sort, record, and deliver any mail and packages are all handled by our organization and will operate without issues with a supervisor on site.


Whether you have a fleet of drivers, laborers or vehicles; we can help organize and improve all areas of operations as well as oversee all tasks in order to assure the best possible results. We can help keep track of sensitive data and equipment by utilizing some of the most advance applications on the market. Expert knowledge combined with technological advances gives us the edge we need in order to advance any fleet into the future and assure they stay competitive within their market.




Hire us to make sure your staff is operating efficiently and not wasting time. Many organizations do not dedicate the time to analyze their employees and the task they have at hand. As a result, many hours of productivity are wasted and the cost could add up to tremendous numbers. Allow us to provide you with managers that have an eye for specific detail within an organization to not only identify weaknesses but fearlessly remove deficiencies.


Through out the years we have learned what it takes to provide a good cost efficient food service. We are very knowledgeable when it comes to keeping the food cost at a minimum without jeopardizing the need for quality, dietary meals and/or calorie controlled menus. We are sure to staff with nothing less than well qualified and professional cooks, bakers,food service workers, etc. and with that we are able to guarantee satisfaction every time on the customers end.




Our experience allows us to clean top to bottom; everything from spot cleaning to mopping, sweeping, dusting, waxing/stripping floors– our team of experts know how to get the job done!

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