Management Team

Al Jean-Baptiste is the President and CEO of 24/7 Enterprises.  He started the business from the ground up in 2000 after working in the courier service industry for over 7 years.  He earned his master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).  When he is not busy managing his business, he is passionate about running and training himself in order to compete in a full 26-mile marathon. He is a devoted father to three boys and a loving husband.  He is a big sports enthusiast and enjoys golf, tennis and coaching his kid’s soccer team. He also considers himself to be a philanthropist, as he truly believes in giving back and makes regular donations to a few different organizations around the Haitian community which include: Love A Child, COPADEF and AJEPAVE. He also helps deliver hot home cooked meals to elders around the Union County area for Sage Elder Care. Most of these people do not have any visitors or family, so delivering these meals is especially important to him because he enjoys checking in on them and ensuring them that they are not alone.

Jessica Marino is 24/7 Enterprises’ Operations Manager. She became employed back in 2014 as a dispatcher and then quickly moved up in her role to becoming head of accounting and managing the human respurces aspect of things. Jessica has since also taken multiple courses over the years in order to better her knowledge around the logistics part of the business. Jessica is a proud, but always tired, mother to two boys. Aside from spending time with her kids, in her free time she enjoys cooking, going to the gun range and binge-watching crime TV shows. Some of her current favorite shows are How to Get Away with Murder, The Queen of the South and Blacklist. Outside of work she also enjoys volunteering at food banks and other nonprofits while teaching her kids the importance of helping others and those in need.

Eugene Beckles is 24/7 Enterprises’ Lead Dispatcher. He is responsible for over-seeing driver routes, tracking delivery statuses, coordinating schedules and assessing situations as they arise.  Eugene who was originally born in the Bahamas, attended UCC where he graduated with his communications degree. He is also a proud father of two to both his daughter and older son. Outside of work, he is the Football Commissioner and a coach for the Plainfield Titans Pop Warner organization. He also considers himself to be an avid sports fan and is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

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