Courier Services

We specialize in the medical field and have transported all different types of specimen including but not limited to:  blood, urine, sputum, semen, rabies, necropsy, organs, tissues and hair. All of our drivers including our office staff have been certified and have taken the proper training in order to transport blood borne pathogens and specimens of all kinds. We understand and honor the importance of maintaining specimen integrity, patient confidentiality while staying OSHA/HIPPA compliant. If the item being picked up requires special attention, our drivers can provide dry ice and/or refrigerated transportation and storage. Drivers are also fully equipped with large and small insulated bags for transport, coolers, spill kits and more. Items will maintain their integrity from the moment they are picked up to the moment they are delivered.

We are currently contracted with the NJ Department of Health and assist by transporting their specimens for the whole state of NJ while also holding a contract for the Department of Veterans Affairs in NY, OH, MO, AL and MI.  As well as transporting for many diagnostic labs here in the NJ/NY area.

We are not just limited to specimens though. We deliver a vast majority of medical supplies including but not limited to: breast pumps, walking aids, wound care, assistive furniture, oxygen concentrators, spirometers, stethoscopes and more. We also offer warehouse storage so that you can ship a large order of product at once that would be inventory controlled by our system in which we could deliver as needed per our clients instructions.

There really is no limit to what we can do!

Some different types of services we offer:

  • SCHEDULED (24+hr Notice)

If you know ahead of time that you will have a need for courier services and/or a delivery, your best option is a scheduled service. This service allows us plenty of time to reach within our network of qualified company drivers, sub-contractors, and independent contractors and bring to you our lowest possible rates. If your need is continuous, a discount will apply!

  • RUSH (1 – 2hr delivery Window)

Have a last minute emergency? Forgot to send out that time critical proposal for the office? Or maybe you need to pick up a last minute gift for a loved ones birthday? Whatever it may be, we specialize in handling last minute pick-ups and deliveries that require immediate attention. We won’t ever take a task we can’t complete and you can always count on us to get it done on time!


On-demand is similar to Rush, except we have a 2 – 5 hour time window to deliver. Imagine you are in the business of providing products to your clients but never know when they will have a need. Our on demand service allows us to reach within our network of drivers and find availability at a cheaper cost than a last minute Rush delivery.

  •  SAME-DAY (AM Order / PM Delivery)

If you are looking to have something picked up and/or delivered the same day but have no need to rush the pick-up, then our Same-Day delivery is your choice. Many times the package is at home or at a front desk and you just need the item picked up and delivered before the end of the business day. With our Same-Day delivery service, you can place your order in the morning and request that it gets delivered by the end of the business day.

  • ROUTED (Multiple Stops)

Whether you have the need to deliver 5 or 500 items in different locations or for different clients; allow us to figure out what is the most cost efficient and fastest method of delivery. We can take your orders and route them by delivery points and time frames. You no longer have to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out how you are going to get everything delivered, and most importantly you no longer have to ship these items one by one. Our team of experts will figure it out for you and provide a price for the entire job. If the need is ever changing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we can help with that too! We can figure out new routes daily if needed.


Forgot to deliver an item and the location has already closed, but you still need it to be there as soon as the door opens the next day? With our overnight service, we can pick up your item(s) and have them delivered at any time the next day, or even within the next few days to follow. We can pick up Friday and delivery Monday. Pick up at night and deliver first thing in the morning. It doesn’t matter! What matters is that the item gets delivered on a timely basis and that it gets to the right person and/or location.


Any goods going into the airport requires TSA Certified drivers to deliver them to the carriers before they fly out. Our drivers are all TSA Certified and can help you with your delivery arrangements. If you need us to pick up at the airport, we can do that too. We currently service JFK, LGA & EWR on a 24/7 basis.

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