COVID-19 Employee Recognition

June 18, 2020 | Mountainside, NJ

During the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic, 24/7 Enterprises LLC was one of the few businesses that was blessed to be able to stay in operation and keep its doors open in order to continue serving its clients. This could not have been accomplished without a handful of high performing, fearless and dedicated employees. They faced many new and sometimes challenging obstacles while completing their runs and yet they were capable of overcoming each and every one. This is the type of dedication, we, at 24/7 Enterprises like to recognize and to thank them for going above and beyond they were each gifted with their own personalized award giving them the recognition that they very much deserve.  Please help us in congratulating these excellent workers who stood tall during the threat and excelled!

Left to right: Jared Frost and Errol Miller
Not pictured: Rajon McRae and Colleen Benedetto

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