If you have the need to go to a doctor visit and have no way of getting there, call us! Don’t bother getting lost, taking public transportation, or bothering a busy friend or family member. Based off your appointment time, we will calculate the best time to pick you up from your home in order to make it to your appointment. Our friendly drivers can assist you with any canes, walkers, foldable wheelchairs, or baggage you may have. We guarantee a smooth ride to and from your visit and we don’t mind waiting for you to finish or coming back at a later scheduled time to pick you back up.


If you’re planning on having a procedure done and require transportation back home due to the fact that you may be medicated and/or in pain, call us for your transportation needs. We can not only pick you up and take you to your surgery but once you are in recovery, a nurse can call us and let us know that you’re ready so we can dispatch our driver to pick you back up. On the way home, we can even stop at your local pharmacy to fill any prescriptions you may have been prescribed for your healing process.  Forget about asking family, friends or neighbors! Those days are over!


It is difficult to depend on people to take you out to shop for food, clothes and any necessities you may need. It is even more difficult to depend on them to wait on you while you do everything you need to do without constantly asking you if you are almost finished. Our team of caring and friendly drivers will take you where you need to go and wait with you if needed.


Don’t miss another event! Call us and make arrangements for us to pick you up and take you and possibly a guest to your next event. Whether you need a return ride back home or if you need us to come back at a later time or day! We got you covered!


Don’t take the risk of driving intoxicated and/or tired, let the professionals do the driving for you. You can pre-plan your entire trip from the moment you need your pick up to the time and place you wish for us drop you off and pick you back up after. Even if you have no scheduled end time or final destination, simply call us when you are ready and we will dispatch a driver to you at any time.


If you are going on a trip, whether business or pleasure and need a ride to/from the airport, let us know how we could help. We have sedans and minivans that can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 6 passengers and all your luggage needs. We know how to properly enter and leave any airport in the tri-state and can even track your return flight to assure we make it to your pick up on time regardless of any delays or early arrivals that my occur. If for some reason you don’t wish to disclose any flight information, no problem. You can always call us as soon as you land and we’ll head right over to pick up you.


If you are a busy professional and need a ride to a meeting or event, please feel free contact us. Don’t get caught in the middle of finishing a presentation and also having to rush and drive yourself to an event. Take the time to relax, finish up some work or simply enjoy the scenery while we transport you. Our team of professional drivers will provide a smooth ride at all times.


If a shuttle service is something you are looking for, we have the experience, the know-how and more importantly the proper equipment to provide reliable shuttle services in any location nationwide. Finding a reliable driver and assuring uninterrupted service are the key factors when dealing with a shuttle service. We know how to manage this service line and also improve the quality of service through many methods we’ve learned throughout our years of experience.

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